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With Safety and/or Security Window Films your windows can be transformed from your weakest link to a source of strength, helping to protect your home and your family from threats such as break-ins and impact events. Our Safety and Security Window Films are designed to help hold the glass fragments together, reducing potential injury from flying glass.

Security 175 Micron Clear Protection Window Film: A 2 Ply polyester film which can be directly installed to glass where its main purpose is to enhance and create an effective security barrier to delay 'smash and grab' and breakins.

Due to its thickness, the film will hold broken glass in place, even after repeated attempts at breaking through, and is very difficult to pierce or tear.

This film is ideal for high street shop windows, jewellery shops and any sensitive business where high value items are on display.


Need a lttile help in choosing a security window film? Every building has a different requirement when it comes to choosing, but amongst the most common problems when it comes to deciding what film to select is probably based on some of the following.

Safety & Children: Our range of BS 6206 DIY Safety & Security Window Films are a clear polyester (PET) film enhancing the natural strength of glass within doors, windows and glass partitions where safety recommendations state that glass in critical locations must comply with safety regulations document K 'Regulations 14'. A clear safety material, and in this case our safety 100 micron safety window films which if glass breaks, break safely in accordance to EN12600 and BS6206...keeping glass held within or to the film.

Silver Combination Safety window films: We have a 100 micron film that does the same as Clear but with the addition of solar heat reduction, anti fade and glare.

A 200 micron enhance security film which adds in heat, glare and UV reductions - please read each materail datasheet if available.

UV | ANTI FADE: Present in sunlight, UV is electromagnetic radiation and usually invisible until we see the effects over time - burnt red skin, carpets and curtains fading, shop displays seem to loose all colour and worst of all; it all costs to replace. By applying a mirror glass or clear UV window film you can cut UV fading by up to 99% with our uv anti fade film by filtering strong sunlight without sacrificing too much natural light.
PRIVACY WINDOW FILM: Privacy can be an issue for may reasons and includes not wanting to overlooked by neighbours or have views in if living near a pathway. We have a range of privacy window films that either reflect vision in or merely and tastefully totally block views using frost etch film .
BOMB-BLAST WINDOW FILM: It may be necesary to utilize a high performance window film for safety and security ensuring you and your staff are completely safe from shattering glass from low impact breakages to explosive damage. We can supply a safety or security film that will protect glass and glazing by keeping broken and shattered glass in place within the frame, increase the time it takes for potential criminals to break and enter via glass and glazed entrances and windows. A safety 100 micron window film will give basic antishatter glass protection to BS standard 6206 class 1B and also bring your glass to building regs14. Security 175 micron film is an MOD level 1 'bomb blast' window glass film which is a 2 ply plastic polyester contructed film and will bring glass to BS 6206 Class 1A . We have 200 micron and can supply thicker 300+ micron thickness security bombblast window films.
Installation: There is no need to remove glass as the film can be applied direct to the glass in the frame.

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